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Book Review: Fresh Cut by Eve A. Floriste

1395722084I recently met a wonderful writer and we exchanged stories to read and review. The agreement being that we give HONEST reviews of each other, even if they would be bad. I have given this 4-stars for a review on her Amazon page and I want to spend a bit telling you what I like and why I boast it being a book that every writer should read.


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Release of the Flight of the Valkyrie by Kimberly S. Daniels

181192_10100111568782573_754605717_aFirst off, congratulations are in order for our friend Kim. She has put her third book on the market, the second in her Valkyrie series. Her first book is actually available for my contest as a thank you to my fans. It is a good read and if you want to try to get a copy of it, then go here to sign up.



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Update to my Disability

I am writing mostly to state that for the rest of the month, my activity on this blog will be light. I just got word from Social Security Administration that I have been denied disability. I knew it was going to happen, however it still hurt when it did.

People always say you should have hope. Yet when you have hope and maintain a positive attitude, when you fail, you fail hard. I think people say it because they believe that if you believe it will happen, then it will happen. I do it because if I don’t, then I couldn’t function.

Right now my next step is to find a lawyer and appeal the decision. That takes priority over anything else. Once that has been resolved, or at least started, then I can get back on track. I may post here and there, but for now, not really anything. I also will not be doing another worldbuilding article this month. I’ll try to make up for that next month.

This will be a hard road to follow, and could still take up to a year to two years for the government to acknowledge my disability and to find a doctor to help with my disability. I am still writing, a little bit here and there, and there is a major project coming down the pipelines that I hope to announce next month.

If you wish to give your support, I could use some kind words. It is difficult facing this alone and it is a challenge to continue the fight.

Interview – Gerimi Burleigh

photo_250x250Today we meet Gerimi Burleigh, who is both a self-publish artist and writer. You though writing a story was tough, imagine how much more of a challenge it is to do both.

Gerimi was a delight to chat with, and we ended up having such a long conversation that I had to break it up into 3 videos. I do apologize for the delay of this, but there were initial technical difficulties that I had to counteract post production.

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Worldbuilding #8a – Advanced Mountains

WB IconWelcome to another edition of the Worldbuilding series. In our last article, I taught you how to put mountains on your map. I also gave you some thoughts about how mountains are formed and the different kinds there are. Today, we take the simple 2D mountains on your map and give them some texture, to give more of a 3D look.

Like all tutorials, I am going to show you the basic technique I used and it is up to you how you want to use it to create your maps. You may decide you want to use different colours or even have more than 2 types of mountains. With your imagination and my tutorials, the possibilities are endless.

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Express Your Meme (EYM) – Lines from my current WIP

large_open_bookWelcome to another edition of Express Your Meme. Thanks to Jackie at Bouquet of Books and Dani at Entertaining Interests for setting this up and running it. This is a weekly Blog-Hop that challenges us to answering different ideas about ourselves and our work.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. I didn’t do it because I was unable to answer the last few, but I hope to do these as much as I can do. It’s great being part of a community, no matter how small or how large.

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Writing Process Blog Hop

tools of the tradeSpecial thanks to Natasha Duncan-Drake for adding me to this blog hop. This is an interesting one as it is geared towards the how and why of my writing process. I look forward to this.



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IWSG — July Optimisim

IWSG badgeSo, quite a bit to talk about in this one. I try to reserve IWSG for the woes in life but too many good things have happened as of late for me to do that. Going forward, I hope the good times continue.

Of course saying that, I’m inviting impending doom. But talking about the impending doom will bring me good fortune. It all works out in the end.


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