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bio-photo-1When you meet a writer, you want to ask them all sorts of questions. Where did they get their ideas, how long did they want to become a writer, at what point did they realize they wanted to become a writer.

Then when you get a chance to talk to them, you ask them none of these questions. Thankfully, we live in the world of the interwebz and we can find all sorts of information as writers do like a bit of the spotlight and they tell their story.

Today we visit Danielle L. Jensen.

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Danielle was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. In 2003 she graduated from University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s in Finance. Growing up, she never imagined herself as a writer and spent the following years in the oil and gas industry.

A co-worker suggested she write a romance novel (how does that come up in conversation?) and she thought she’d give it a try. She found the experience to be more difficult than she had anticipated.

When we meet with failure, we often times decide to just stop. Danielle decide to keep going with it. After many attempts, she found the world of Fantasy and by December of 2008, she finished her first novel.

Of course, writing a novel and getting it published are two different things and she spent a considerable time getting it read. From here, she decided to go back to school to get an English degree. By 2012, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts English, with Honours.

By January 2013, her book Stolen Songbird was submitted to editors.


I know I met her, but I am unable to remember anything we discussed. I’m sure it was a great conversation.

Stolen Songbird
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