Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Jamie Wyman

7234286Comicon brings out the most diverse group of people. It’s a culture like no other, with everyone having a different story to tell. It’s really good to talk to people, as you never know what hidden treasure awaits at the next booth.

For our next booth, we have Jamie Wyman. I do not remember a lot of details in our conversation, but I do recall getting some pictures and her having encouraging words.



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I find Jamie to be a great inspiration. Sometimes when we start our lives, we have a focus on what we want to do, or have to do because we committed ourselves to something and part of the way in accomplishing that, we question why we are doing it and this leads us to our true path.

Jamie started her college life pursuing a Music Education degree at the University of Indiana and ended up not graduating. She eventually found herself in Arizona and became a wife, a mother, and full geek. She can also spit fire and tried out for the Blue Man group.

I don’t know… Something enticing about a girl completely covered in blue paint. It boggles the mind.

In 2013, she got to live her dream and release Wild Card. Interesting idea of your soul being gambled by various Gods. I look forward to reading this in the near future.


I remember in our exchange we discussed my condition and some of the difficulties to face as a writer, and I found her quite sympathetic. I certainly hope to cross paths with her again in the near future.


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