Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Not a Villain Comic


Of the many things we see at Comicon, well… there are comics. Go figure. Oh, Comicon… now I get it. It’s been bothering me for years.

It should be noted I am not a fan of comic books. I respect the artists and the writers, and the stories they can present is truly amazing. I often like reading what the stories were about and love them.

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Not a Villain is a post-apocalyptic world where Hackers are hunted down. The main character is Kleya, a genius hacker, trying to turn away from her bad ways and be a normal person. However, an addictive virtual reality game “L.i.F.e” is calling her back.

It appears that you can start from the beginning and read the webcomic series, which is always good. There are 310 pages of it, and also looks like other things you can read as well.

The creator is Aneeka Richins, who also does the writing as well. More than that, she has a couple of novels worth checking out.

I unfortunately don’t remember coming to the booth, but I have cards, so I present it for others to find out about.


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