Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – James A. Owen

jamesAOwen_PhotoStarting off our Blog-con is meeting James A. Owen. Like many booths you visit at comicon, individuals balance their time between being at their booths, hosting panels, attending panels, and exploring the scene.

It might seen glamorous being at a booth and hordes of people coming to ask you to sign their stuff and chat with you, but it is a lot of hard work. Though I imagine it is quite rewarding.

I remember thinking he was a pretty cool guy. Look forward to reading his book in the near future.


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James A. Owen is a comic book illustrator, publisher, and writer.

He started out in the 1990’s with a black-and-white fantasy series called Starchild. He did 24 total issues of Starchild and has a number of reprints and boxed sets since its creation.


I got a copy of this.

By the 2000’s, he become a novelist, releasing “Here, There Be Dragons”. This was the first book in “The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica” series. Soon afterward he release two more in the series within a few years. By 2013, he has released 7 novels in the series.


At Comicon, it was my second time meeting with James. The first time was in 2012 right before my accident. I don’t remember the first time I met him, but I remembered his book “Drawing out the Dragons” which had a crowdfunding campaign on his site which allowed him to release this book to the world. It was a non-fiction book but has inspiring stories.

I tried meeting James a few times at his booth, but it wasn’t until Sunday when I finally caught him. I didn’t get a picture with him and I should have. I did get a copy of “The Essential Star Child” Book 1. Not a big comic fan myself, but look forward to reading it. I unfortunately do not remember anything that we discussed at the Con.


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