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IWSG badgeNormally I use this post to talk about something bad and depressing. To get through life, I try to ignore my bad feelings and concentrate on my writing. I use this one post a month to let out some of my pent up feelings and hope that others find use out of it.

This month, I am proud to present something positive instead.

Help Keep This Site Running

This site is a great achievement for me, but due to being unable to work, I may not be able to keep this site running. With your help, I might be able to.

I need $125 by October 30th, 2017. Anything you can give will help.


If you follow my blog, you already know the story of my advertisement up above. For those who do not, let me give you a brief history.

In 2012, before my accident, I wrote the story Terran Psychosis. I intended to release it and used a picture from a photo shoot to use as a cover. Then of course my accident happened and I didn’t write anything (other than fanfic) for over 18 months. After a highly successful NaNoWriMo, I decided to try my hand at writing, and by February, I got Terran Psychosis made into a book.


However, due to my disability and being screwed over by my doctors, insurance, and my employer; I had no money to speak of. I had to rely on my own intellect for editing and had to make my own book cover. As I always tell people, I’m no artist. Right before I was about to release my book, I sold my truck, and got myself Grammarly.com. Doesn’t replace an editor, but better than nothing.

I released my book, and searched for people to review my book. So far, all but one person didn’t like my book. One individual who reviewed my book gave me 4-stars. He stated the reason he didn’t give me 5-stars is because of the grammar. I told him a bit of my difficulties, and he offered to correct my grammar. I sent him a word copy and he did it for free. He really liked the story and believed it could do well.

A few weeks ago, another writer I met doing the A to Z Challenge, she had read my book. She stated she was so inspired when she read my book, that she made a cover for me. She wasn’t sure if I would love it or not, but she wanted to see me be a bit more successful. I absolutely loved it, and others that have seen it love it.

Two strangers (well, I now consider them colleagues) went out of their way to help me because they liked what they read. I also believe they liked me for who I am. Perhaps this was digital karma? I do spend a lot of time dedicated to helping the indie writer’s community when I can. I retweet writers, I have my blog dedicated to writing education, I started to do interviews to showcase other writers. It appears all my hard work in being there for so many others has paid off.

Now, let it be known that I don’t do what I do in hopes of getting something in return. I do what I do because I like to teach and I like being there for others. The fact that others helped me is a nice bonus. I think the lesson here is that you should give to the community, because it is the right thing to do and you would want the community to give to you. While it is not a 1-for-1 trade, the community does have the potential to give back.

I’ve also put up my teaser for the Daygar series. My first Fantasy, Alternate History, Paranormal, Vampire story. I tend to stick to Science Fiction, but sometimes a story must be told. I am working hard, getting my notes together to start writing it. For those interested, check out my Daygar Legacy page and the Contest page.

This is a marketing campaign I’m starting, and I hope it does well, but I don’t expect it to. That being said, I do think some good can come of it. This is why it is still worth trying.

Also big news is that my Worldbuilding series is starting to get attention. It got featured in 3 sites that do a list of links, and it is starting to get noticed. I recently did my 10th article for it, and will soon get into designing the actual land. I figure I got about 2 – 3 more months of map making before I turn to other Worldbuilding elements. Definitely exciting to see.

The last point I will address is that this weekend is Phoenix Comicon. This will be my third Comicon, but first since my injury. I am a little nervous in going, because my injuries are intense. I have difficulty being out in public to begin with, and lately been feeling easily overwhelmed. An hour in a store and my brain wants to shut down. Try over 12 hours in a place full of people. In fact, this year they are having record numbers they had to limit memberships sold. It will be hell for me, literally and figuratively. I will be there Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

So why am I doing it? Because it is a good way to meet writers, and pass out business cards. I don’t expect my career to take off, but I do hope it gets a bit better. I want to be a full time writer (technically I already am), and can only do so if I get my name out there. I might be MIA after that, so don’t be surprise if I disappear.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Becoming a writer is not meant to be easy and I think by example I can be of inspiration. Despite my setbacks, I can go out there and do it, imagine what you can do if you set your mind to it. Others are in my situation, and those who become writers are a true inspiration. But take that as a means for you to go out there and let the world know who you are.

More than that, the more positive energy you spread in this world, the greater chance some of that energy splashes back onto you. But it doesn’t happen unless you try. However, when it happens, it will likely be few and far between and have varying degrees of greatness. Which is why you do good for goodness sake and not do it for the opportunity of reward.

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  1. Positive energy and good karma goes a long way. Great show of support from your colleagues.
    Nice visiting your site.
    Silvia @

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