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I’m trying out something new.EYMFeb Appears to be a weekly challenge blog hop. I will try to do this as often as I can. Blog hops are good for bloggers, gets your name out there.

This weeks is Favorite Games.


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Well, if there is one game that I could consider a guilty pleasure, it is Super Metroid. It was a video game I really wanted when I was a teen and was denied for being “too violent”. Took me years after that, well into my adulthood to get it, and when I finally played it, I absolutely loved it. I also enjoyed Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion.


A list of other games I highly enjoy:

Skyrim – I have played all the other Elder Scrolls game, but this one really adapts to a players style and embraces their character. More than that, it is a great modding community.

AI War: Fleet Command – I wish I had someone to play with. This is a great RTS, and you start off on the losing side and one attack away from losing the game. AI is capable of making bad decisions, or less than perfect decisions.

Batman Arkham Games – Read my post for more information

FEAR – Not a big FPS fan, but this game was very scary and fun to play.

Half-Life 2 – Great series, pissed off that they never finished the story.

Mass Effect 1&2 – Loved these games. Never played 3. Not because of how it ended, but because it wasn’t released on Steam. Refuse to get Origin to play it. Once it comes out on Steam, I will get it. Got the first two on Steam.

XCom: Enemy Unknown – Great game. It appealed to my overly analytical mind. I disliked that higher level cheated. I wish the game was longer and less of a time clock. Not to make the game easier, but to make the game more enjoyable.

Thanks Sophie for showing me this.

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