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Interviews – Kimberly S. Daniels

181192_10100111568782573_754605717_aToday I get to interview Kimberly Daniels. And by today, I mean I did it several days ago and now displaying it for all to see. Kimberly, who is a self-proclaimed boring person who is anything but boring. She has a great sense of humor and lot to offer for anyone interested in becoming an author. She was also a lot of fun to chat with.

Kimberly has published 2 novels for the Valkyrie Series, with a new book to be released very soon.

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Worldbuilding #8 – Mountains

WB IconWe have finally come to mountains. The long awaited mountains. Mountains are extremely important for when we make our map, yet we have designed a great many other things first. Most worldbuilding resources will tell you to start with mountains, and for good reason you should. However, in this tutorial we didn’t ask we needed to get many things out of the way. Think of it as a puzzle. Before you can get the main image of what the puzzle creates, you have to start with the border pieces.

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Guest Post – Creating Complex Secondary Characters Using Tarot

I present to you today a new technique I developed to help me create dynamic complex characters for your story by using tarot cards. This is being hosted on Sophie Duncan’s site. This is a two part article.

Guest Post: Creating Complex Secondary Characters Using Tarot by Chris Votey (Part 1 – The Spread & The Bases)

Guest Post: Creating Complex Secondary Characters Using Tarot by Chris Votey (Part 2 – Cores & Pillars, plus Sample Reading)


Check out her site, read my article and some of hers, and be sure to leave a comment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Interview – Justin Bienvenue


*Justin declined a video interview*

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I live in a town south of Boston, Massachusetts. I like to consider myself a poet aside from being an author and writer. I enjoy writing because it is my way to create and expand my mind and put my thoughts onto paper or a screen. I am a friendly and outgoing person, I enjoy sports and am always willing to try new things as long as they aren’t too crazy. I am not a big reader though I definitely read a lot more now that I am an author. I enjoy meeting new people, I don’t like big changes and I get my inspiration from just about anything, either it pops into my head or from what I take in and see or hear around me.
2. Do you consider yourself a character driven writer, or a plot driven writer?
Plot driven, only because since I also write poetry I don’t tend to create or write about characters within my poems. Don’t get me wrong I can write a good character just like the rest of them but I focus more on the plot, the storyline as a whole. I see the plot as it is which is the foundation of the whole story and after I detail and make that as strong as I feel it needs to be I then work on my characters. A lot of people say they their characters start writing themselves I would say this happens to me every one in a long while but not a lot as again probably because of my focus more on the plot rather than the characters. My 2nd book was really the first time where I focused as much on my characters as I did for the plot.
3. What is your favorite sport and team?
My favorite sport is football and my favorite team is the New England Patriots, Go Pats!
4. Where were you born, where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
I was born in, grew up in and still currently live in a town south of Boston known as Attleboro. Not much to say about it or do around here but I make it work the best I can until I can one day get out of here.
5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Well given in my last response I clearly noted that I don’t wish to be here anymore I would say anywhere! Lol. In all seriousness I would say Chicago or California. Chicago because I have found that they have great places to eat and it’s a very active town which I need to be a part of. California because it’s beautiful there, it’s big and it’s a good change or scenery and I’d love to be there.
6. What writers inspire you?
Edgar Allan Poe, Rod Serling, William Shakespeare and Stephen King.
7. What is your favorite food, color, and ice cream flavor?
I have a few favorite foods which are Hot Dogs, Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken Parmesan and Steak and Cheese. My favorite color is Green and my favorite ice cream flavor is Red Velvet Cake.
8. When you write, what is your drink of choice?
Well I’m drinking a Pepsi right now but I usually drink Mountain Dew Code Red.
9. Tell us about your current books and future releases?
My first book is a book of horror poetry called, The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. It is a book of 50 poems in 5 chapters each of a different element of horror.
My second book is a Western Horror called, A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West. It is a book about a small bordering Mississippi/Alabama fictional town and their battle against a Mexican outlaw who is trying to takeover.
My third book is my most recent which is another book of poetry called, Like A box of Chocolates. It is a book of mixed poetry throughout many different genres. Genres such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Bizarro, Mystery/Suspense and many more
10. How much control do you feel you have on the outcome of your story? Do you have
complete control or are you along for the ride?
I would say I have complete control. Everything that I write usually comes from my own my which are my own thoughts so I would say that counts as me having complete control. Of course this could probably mean what I said earlier with Characters writing themselves after a while but as I stated earlier I keep to the writing and my characters do what they are told so I have complete control.

Cancelled Blog-con

For those of you that follow my blog, you may noticed that yesterday I only had 1 blog post for my Madness Blog-con and that I didn’t post about the panels I attended. More than that, I took blog-con off the menus up top. Or you just found out now because I just told you.

I am stopping it. Why? I know I made a lot of promises to my fans and to people at Phoenix Comicon that I would be doing this, yet I am making the decision to stop. There are several reasons actually for me stopping it.

First and foremost, I am not getting that many hits. Sure, it is my first week, and if I spent time advertising it more and getting to other sites to say, “Look at what I’m doing”, I might get more hits. That is a lot of work. Plus, on top of that, posting everyday. I should have learned from AtoZ blog challenge, that takes a lot out of you. I also think I’m doing something like this at the wrong time. I have less than 30 followers and for this to be successful, I need at least 100 follower, in my opinion.

Because of how much time it takes to do that, I’ve ignored my writing. I reason that I could use the time away, but I’ve spent too much time away from it now and need to get back working on that. Plus, I’ve set myself a deadline that I intend to keep.

I also have other projects, such as Interviews, that I want to do. I want to make sure I keep on top of those projects, and doing the blog-con would hinder my efforts.

Perhaps the main reason, aside from my writing, is my Worldbuilding series. While at Comicon, an author who looked at my art, suggested I go on reddit and post my worldbuilding articles. I wish I remembered who said that. So I did, and the result has been amazing.

In the last 3 months, I have had 669 views on my worldbuilding articles. In the last 12 days, I’ve had 537. That is hard to ignore. I had hoped that eventually my worldbuilding series would be a success, and it now is. More than that, I’ve had record views on my site. During the month of April for my AtoZ challenge, my best day was 86 views in a single day. 12 days ago, I had 185. The next day was 113. Nearly 300 views in a two day period.

So, there is more need of me to do my worldbuilding series. That is what I want. Unfortunately, the blog-con interferes with that. I know I made a lot of promises, and I’m afraid I will have to break them. But I hope that those I met at comicon understand why I am doing it. Though given how underwhelming the event was, I’m sure no one will lose any sleep over it.

Lastly, my disability claim is moving forward. Right now I am not starting anything until my physical in a few days. My primary focus is on that. Plus, I need to find a Doctor to get the treatments I need.

As you can see, I have a lot on my plate, and I need to start taking things off. Blog-con seems like the obvious choice.

Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Pierce Brown

Pierce-Brown-Joan-Allen-PhotoSome authors seem like larger than life people. They are intimidating. How can you, starting your career, ever compare to them? How can you get on their level? As great as they are, in truth, they are not too dissimilar to you. The difference is that they are more confident, cocky maybe, and took the plunge to do everything they could to write and make a career out of it. The true difference between an author and a writer is the act of trying.

Today we meet Pierce Brown


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Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Janni Lee Simner

janniauthorphotoOne of the tough things about visit booths is that writer’s hope you will buy their book. They never put that pressure on people coming up to their booth, nor do they mention it. I do feel a bit guilty that I can’t buy one of their books and support them even more. However, that guilt is my own doing.

I swear one of these years, I’ll bring $1000 with me so I can buy one book from each author I can. Now just to get the $1000.

Here we are with Janni Lee Simner



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Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Tom Leveen

tombioAny great experience you have is met with a great memory. The great thing about Comicon is that there are many opportunities to have a great experience. Each panel you go to, each party you attend, and every person you meet is a new chance to have an unforgettable memory.

The key to a great memory is getting out there and getting it. Rarely does it come to you.

On our next stop, we get a chance encounter with Tom Leveen.


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Plot and Character Assassination – Star Trek VI: Battle for Peace (explained)

large_open_bookWelcome to Plot and Character Assassination. Each article will discuss various plot and character concept we find in a variety of media, putting them into the squared circle and dissecting them down to their very core to understand them in a way that only writers can. From this, we can gain new insight that we may not previously had and obtain a new understanding.

This article discusses the final battle of Star Trek VI. Now maybe it is the nerd in me, but when I watch a movie that I’ve seen many times over I begin asking questions about what I am watching. Now yes, I am a big time Star Trek fan. I can even claim that I watched it from birth, because when my Mother held me in her arms for the first time, Star Trek (TOS) was on the TV she was watching.

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Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Jason M. Hough

Headshot3_smallThe best advice I can offer you in getting noticed is asking a lot of questions. This is more important during a panel than at a booth, but still applies. A number of writers I met recognized me because I asked questions during panels and they were like, “Hey, I remember you”. It also helps I was wearing a browncoats shirt… and who doesn’t like browncoats.

Today we visit Jason M. Hough.


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