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Worldbuilding #6b – Shallow Water Advanced

WB IconWelcome to another edition of the Worldbuilding series. This is my 10th official article. I don’t consider Fixing a Mistake to be an official article as it only applies to those who have been following along since I first started this, and any new comer, it won’t apply to them.

This article is finish up series 6 of the Map Making phase, showing you advanced techniques for doing Shallow Water. If you did Advanced Beaches, this will come very easy for you.

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Worldbuilding #6a – Advanced Beaches

WB IconWelcome to another article of my Worldbuilding series. Before we go into designing what the rest of the land looks like, with mountains, rivers, deserts, and forests; I am going to show you advance techniques for doing beaches.

In our last article, we did a uniform design for our beaches. Beaches are anything but uniform. Some areas have a big beach and some areas have a small beach. Today, I will show you a technique that will enable us to capture an organic feel for a beach for our land.

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Re-Release of Terran Psychosis


Thanks to my fans of my book, I have been able to re-release my book. What is different in this new version?

First is the cover design. My original cover was a photo of myself looking all smart. I didn’t have the financial means to get a professional one done. I thank Natasha Duncan-Drake for the donation.

Second is the language. The story itself has remained the same, but another fan of the story helped me with the grammar of my story. As with a cover design, I didn’t have the financial means to get a professional edit of my story. I thank Michael Gardner for his donation to my story.

This release of my story is a great feeling, knowing that my story has had such a positive impact that my fans wanted to help me. The best thing I can do is support my friends and other writers the way these individuals helped me. It is a lesson to learn, that as indie writers, we should do our best to help support each other.

Please enjoy.

P.S. As soon as I can, I plan to release for all other formats when I can. There is a sequel in development, I am hoping for a release later this year.

You find my book on Amazon

Literary Terms – Walkervellianism

large_open_bookAfter the success of my A to Z Blog Challenge, I decided that I want to start introducing literary terms on a full time basis. As with my challenge, I look at terms you expect to find, and terms that you never thought about using as a literary term. But just added fun, I will sometimes make up terms all together to fit my needs. My resources will include Literary Terms, Psychology, TV Tropes, Mathematics, Science, and any other reference source that can take on a whole new philosophy when applied to plot.

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Worldbuilding Update — Fixing a Mistake

WB IconWhile developing new techniques to help other writer’s make a map for you their book, I discovered a problem with the map. There is a graphical mistake done. I have gone back and corrected the mistake in the articles, so if you are starting from scratch, you won’t run into the issue. I added an extra step.


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Character/Plot Assassination – Iron Giant

This is a film that never got the accolade it should have when released in theatre, but like many unappreciated things, it gained its fame as a cult classic. It became popular as it was well loved and well received in its consumer appeal once it came to physical media.

But what is it about this film that makes it so special? We explore not just the movie, but the character of Iron Giant, and I show through my highly critical nature, my imagination, and the emotion in my eyes the magic I found.

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Interview – Natasha Duncan-Drake & Sophie Duncan

natasha sophie avatar rec with jaguar 500I had the great privilege of doing an interview with Natasha Duncan-Drake & Sophie Duncan. They are a great delight and while the interview was about writing, we managed to throw in computers, Star Trek, and other geeky things. I recommend watching it from the beginning to the end.

Together, they have published over 30 books from a wide range of genres, though have done many things individually. The are a great inspiration and fantastic role model for many beginner writers, but also great reminder that a career in writing can be a cruel mistress. Despite that, they couldn’t see themselves doing anything else.

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Recent Updates — Research, Vampires, Phoenix Comicon

I want to apologize starting off, as I was suppose to post two posts this week and I will not be doing so. This I don’t count as a post as it is more of an apology and explanation.

Right now, I am working on getting my research done for my next book. I had hoped to be done with the first book of my new series by today and I have barely started it. So I am pushing myself hard to get things done so I can get started. I will say that my delay has proven to be fruitful.

Real quick, my next story takes place during 1300’s Europe and is a Vampire story (I know, ugh, another vampire story). Most of my research is looking at the time period and trying to be as authentic as I can be. I know I can just make stuff up, but I really want to start from a good foundation first.

I wanted to be done and published by the time of Phoenix Comicon (in June) but that won’t be happening. So instead, I will be hosting a contest for my upcoming book. I can’t go into too much details now (as I still need to work it all out) but there will be a prize to have a character named after you in my book series. My series will be a series of short novels, so like 3 short novels will likely equal 1 full novel, and I want to have 5 to 15 short novels in this first series. Stay tune for updates on that.

I also will be posting either a special story of my universe on my blog, or the first chapter. Maybe even both for members of my site, who knows.

I am also doing interviews on my site for writers most likely (open to other kind of interviews). If you care to have an interview, let me know.

I plan to re-release Terran Psychosis with some updates to the language and potentially a new book cover. I also am trying to learn how to do *.epub format (*.mobi is so much easier) so I can release it on Smashbooks. Once that occurs, I can then open my business doing discount ebook formatting.

Lastly, I will be doing a special on the Phoenix Comicon for the month of June. I plan to go 3 days and get as much as I can in the field of writing and my general geekdom.

So I will come back next week and start doing articles like before. Just be patient with me as I try to get my research done and try to get back into the swing of things.

Worldbuilding #6 – Beaches and Shallow Water

tools of the tradeWelcome to another edition of the worldbuilding series. Today we tackle Beaches and Shallow Water. Now that we have shaped what our land looks like and what the deep water of the ocean looks like, we can now start shaping our world.

This will be a two part article, where I will show you a basic technique that is more uniform and then show you another technique that is a bit more dynamic.

I do apologize for not doing an article in the month of April due to the A to Z challenge being more work than I had expected.

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IWSG – Post-Concussion Syndrome

InsecureWritersSupportGroup2Time again for IWSG. This month I talk about my disability. Writing is my therapy for my disability. I do talk about it a lot but I never really identify what it is or how it affects me. Each day is a new challenge and I do feel it is getting worse and worse.

My disability is Post-Concussion Syndrome, or PCS for short. It is best described as a constellation of symptoms, as there is no one defining symptom of it. It is a mental, psychological, and physical impairment. The biggest challenge is that it is mostly unknown, as many doctors are unable to diagnose it.

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