Worldbuilding #6a – Advanced Beaches

Welcome to another article of my Worldbuilding series. Before we go into designing what the rest of the land looks like, with mountains, rivers, deserts, and forests; I am going to show you advance techniques for doing beaches. In our last article, we did a uniform design for our beaches. … Continue reading

Re-Release of Terran Psychosis

Thanks to my fans of my book, I have been able to re-release my book. What is different in this new version? First is the cover design. My original cover was a photo of myself looking all smart. I didn't have the financial means to get a professional one done. I thank Natasha Duncan-Drake for … Continue reading

Literary Terms – Walkervellianism

After the success of my A to Z Blog Challenge, I decided that I want to start introducing literary terms on a full time basis. As with my challenge, I look at terms you expect to find, and terms that you never thought about using as a literary term. But just added fun, I will sometimes make up … Continue reading

Worldbuilding Update — Fixing a Mistake

While developing new techniques to help other writer's make a map for you their book, I discovered a problem with the map. There is a graphical mistake done. I have gone back and corrected the mistake in the articles, so if you are starting from scratch, you won't run into the issue. I added an … Continue reading