Grammar Slam — Wrestlers Teach Grammar


Once again, I hate grammar, but it is necessary to be successful.  It is one of those things you must always study for so you don’t forget.  And in my study, I found something odd.  A Professional Wrestler, CM Punk, teaching grammar.  Now when you think of Wrestlers, you think of big muscular dudes in tights hitting each other (except Rey Mysterio, he’s short).  The truth is, that while they do beat each other up, many are quite intelligent and do have something to say.

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I stopped watching wrestling a long time ago, so I am not very familiar with CM Punk.  So I have no opinion of him as a wrestler.  But watching this series hosted by Nerdist, I thoroughly enjoy it.  I recommend checking them out, if not for learning, for the laughs.

  1. Your vs You’re
  2. Then vs Than
  3. Figuratively vs Literally
  4. There, Their, They’re
  5. Through vs Threw

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