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Worldbuilding #2 – Tools

Welcome to the second edition of the Worldbuilding series. I apologize for the delay of this article, as I have several other things to do and the last article was information and not so much building.

This article unfrotunately will be informational as well, but I promise you, the next article we will get our hands dirty. In fact, think of worldbuild as making pottery. Now we can take a lump of clay and start molding our shape, but at best, it will never be fantastic. So in order to have great pottery, we need a pottery wheel.


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New site released:

I am pleased to announce my new website,

website screenshot

What is this site? For anyone serious about writing, they need a page where they can show an aspect of their lives and their accomplishments. Also, it is a good idea to have a Press Biography, so if a reporter ever wants to interview you, you can provide them a lot of the information on your site, making their jobs easier.

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Book Release — Terran Psychosis


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It is cause for celebration for me. I have released my second book, Terran Psychosis. This was actually a story I wrote before my work related injury and had intentions of publishing nearly 2 years ago and of course the accident got in the way.

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Guest Blog: Nicohle Christopherson — ASexual Representation in Media and Fiction

By now, we’re all used to sexual representation being thrown at us through various windows and doors. It’s everywhere. People are EXPECTED to be sexual, to want others sexually, to need that intimate part of a relationship in order to be human. Often, it is shown to humanize someone, to make them less odd. Read more

Grammar, Why Did it Have to be Grammar — Breast vs Tit

This not exactly a grammar issue but a stylized choice. Like other segments on this site, I discuss the rules of Grammar which turn out not to be rules but a stylized option.

Now if you came here expecting literary erotica and pictures of naked women, I am sorry to disappoint you. This will be a mature article on the discussion of how to describe a body part found on a female (technically a male too, but men get skiddish on the suggestion of that).

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Worldbuilding #1 — Earth

Knowing what this series of articles have to offer, I’m sure you want to dive in and get into designing you world. I don’t blame you as designing a world is a lot of fun. But before we can do that, the first few articles goes over preliminary information.

Many people approach worldbuilding as randomly placing objects where ever they look good and giving no more thought than that. There is a logical pattern that must be followed in how our world is built and the best way to understand that is to look at our own planet.

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Plot and Character Assassination — Spock

JJ Abrahms Star Trek was a relaunch of the series and took a different look at the beloved universe. This change was to draw more people in than to cater to the fans of old. Perhaps this sort of change was needed, but looking at Spock, I felt this character was in conflict of what was known of Spock and how they were trying to appeal to the newer crowd.

This article looks at both movies done by JJ Abrahms, so if you haven’t seen either movie, now is the time to click off this page. I call into question if the new Spock represents the Spock that we all know and love.

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