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Tools of the Trade — Coopetition

All writers have their little tricks and shorthand to be better writers, and I am no different.  Some of what I do seems unnecessary while other things I do are almost unheard of from others.  What I do is what works for me and I share this with my followers (both present and future) in hopes that it helps other writers.


Such a stranger word. Basically it is combining Competition and Cooperation together, much like frenemy is a combination of friend and enemy, and is parallel in definition of Coopetition.

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Worldbuilding — Introduction

I will soon start writing a fantasy series and started trying to picture the world where my story takes place, but was having difficulty. I decided that I would try to draw it out, but I lacked the ability to draw and even if I try to fake it, I didn’t know how to make my land appear organic and nearly random. While there are many tools out there to help out with that, most of them cost money.

Money is a funny thing for us writers. Generally our primary focus when it comes to spending money is on professional editing, cover design, and any tools that help us release a book. So making a map of our world and designing further elements that may not be in our initial story is frivolous. It is nice to have a map, but not crucial. But wouldn’t you like one anyways?

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Book Review: How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn

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From what I can tell, I’m not the first to do a review on this book and so many have given great reviews. I’m not exactly breaking ground here in this review, but I do talk to a lot of starting writers who need a boost forward and this book is unknown to them. I hope that those writers visit my blog, so this review is for those who need a good starting point. And this book is that starting point. I do this review for anyone who hasn’t read this book because I think it deserves all attention it can get.

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What I’ve Learned – 1st Draft to 2nd Draft

In the last two months, I’ve learned quite a bit about myself as a writer. I am rather proud of myself, though I wish I had others to share it with. Early this morning I finished my 2nd draft of my story. This story started out as something I thought about writing over a year ago but due to my injury, I never got around to writing it.

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New Year for Me

You often hear people say to only speak positively. That any negativity is a sin. I can’t live my life that way, I must be realistic in my goals. That being said, I do set my goals high, but not to the point they are unobtainable. To this effect, I am a realist. I take the good and bad together to make my decisions.

2014 is going to be the start of my writing career. I plan to do a lot of writing and marketing and getting my name out there. It would be great if I become a famous right with my first book, but realistically, I will gain a good following of people and make a meager start. When I think of my writing career, I think of it as a business plan, and I set myself out for five years, not a few months.

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