Traditional Publishing or Not to Self-Publish

While I should be writing or reviewing other people stories, I got off on a tangent of the marketability of self-publishing versus traditional publishing.  In the past, I felt that it was important to self-publishing because of the fear that a traditional publisher would try to force me to market my book for the sake of making money.

But, a recent report suggests that writers who do both self-publishing and traditional publishing have greater success.  This has got me to rethink my marketing strategy.  While the concern I have of changing my story for marketability for traditional publishing, I think I should be open to the possibility of still doing it if I want a long term career.


So my new plan is as follows:

  1. In 2014, I will publish a series of short stories and self-publish them for Amazon, Lulu, and Smashword ebook sites (and any others that I find).  This will help me build brand identity and create a following of fans
  2. Starting in 2015, I will try to get a few of my short stories and my novels to be published traditionally, and those that get rejected, self-publish instead.

I do not expect overnight success for my writing and am willing to put in the work required to become successful, but having a plan to how to pursue this I know is a good first step.

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