Updates about Site and Book

Every Friday on the IWSG FB group, they ask us to post our achievements for the week. I hope they don’t mind that instead of posting it all there, I am making a post about it. Several things to update everyone on.

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#IWSG Book Reveal(ish)

This month, I promised to talk about my big project that has kept me very busy. So busy I haven’t done anything else that I really need to do. I do apologize for all the secrecy, but I need to make sure that it is I who releases this, as it may very well help me out of my financial situation.

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How Elementary Helped Me Become a Better Writer


Start off, I am currently at the halfway point for the current phase I’m in for my project. Likely after I finish this and the next phase I’ll be at the halfway point for the project. I’ve decided that for February IWSG, I will reveal what the project is.

I love the show Elementary. Sherlock Holmes in NY with a female Watson. What’s not to love. It’s a great show and writers can learn a great deal in watching it, especially the biggest lesson one can learn from it.

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What’s It Like to Write a Writing Help Book

In one word: Tedious.

You thought writing a book was hard enough, but doing a writing help book is a whole other beast.

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Profiling Personalities

Given my IWSG post this month, I am working diligently towards a goal of sustaining myself. Not just because I want to be self-reliant, but because I have to be. I’m sure another place would open up to me and I can move and live there for a spell, but I don’t want to keep doing that. As they say, Need is the Mother of Invention.

Look at the name of the ship. From Red vs Blue.

I want to chronicle my journey as it pertains to writing. This blog is a major part of me, and all of you who visit my site have made it what it is. This year I expect to get to 50k views. So it’s only fitting that I keep everyone up to date.

However, this is a Writing Education blog, so I will try to throw some education in, for good measure.

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#IWSG – This Is The Year

2017 will be my year. Not because I want it to be, but because I need it to be.

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#IWSG – Mentoring NaNo

IWSG badge

We are now in the middle of NaNo, a time honoured tradition of trying to write a story in 30 days. This year I am not participating, but NaNo is still a time for me to celebrate.

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IWSG – Last Minute Update

So this is a super quick post, primarily because I don’t want to lose my place on the IWSG list. For some reason that is important to me.

I’ve been super busy as of late, spending a lot of time working on my course. I meant to do this long ago, but as you know, things happen. My computer crashed on me. Thankfully, my computer setup is designed that if I do crash, I don’t lose that much. Some stuff was lost. My computer has 3 drives, and the OS drive (or C:\) is only 32GB. Then I have a drive for programs and storage.

I hope next month to announce my actual course, and maybe have a coupon for my readers. It looks like I won’t do another Worldbuilding article until next year. That really pains me, as I have so much I want to write about, but this course takes priority.

I am happy that despite only having one article last month, I still got over 900 views. It’s good to know my website is still relevant even when I am very busy. When one has very little in life, the smallest things are the biggest achievements.

IWSG – Know Thyself (& Movie List)

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In the Matrix Trilogy, Neo was not ready to know the truth until he understood one important thing… himself. In many ways this was foreshadowed above the Oracles door with the sign that read, “Temet Nosce.”

We are writers. We take the world and remold it into our stories. We take world events or established stories, and recraft them. Even if the story is entirely original, some aspect of life can be gleamed from your work. Especially that of your characters. Readers need to be able to see themselves and those they know in the characters we write… but how do we do that?

The answer is simple: Profiling.

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#IWSG – Worldbuilding 40k

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I had hoped to write to you today, to celebrate my blog receiving 40,000 views since March 2014. As of publishing this, I’m at 39,777. Very close. I’m hoping with doing both my IWSG article and my newest Worldbuilding article on Gold will get me there today.

Seems like every time I do a IWSG article, I am announcing some big change. With my life these days, there are times where it is exciting, and times where it is very scary. However, change is inevitable, and the best we can do is face it head on.

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